Several Co-Curricular and Extra Curricular activities, that supplement or complement the curricular activities to develop the students personality and to strengthen the classroom learning, are effectively being carried out under the auspices of different Cells, Clubs, Student Chapters and technical associations. The activities are facilitated through regular technical seminars, symposiums, workshops .

The various Cells, Clubs, Student Chapters and technical associations that are functioning in the institution are:

Cells/Clubs/Committees                                    Chairman/Chairperson

Student Welfare Committee                                  Mr. Rajesh S, AP in ME

Women Cell                                                        Mrs. Leena Thomas, AP in EC

Ethics Committee                                                Mrs. Anitha Jose, AP in CS

Research and Consultancy Cell                              Dr. Shyama Das, Prof. in CS

Continuing Education Cell                                     Mrs. Anisha Mohammed, AP in EC

House Keeping and Maintenance Cell                     Mr. K P Radhakrishnan, AO

Library Council                                                    Mr. Murali V S, AsP in Physics

IEDC                                                                  Mrs. Lekha R Nair, AP in EC

Sports Committee                                                Mrs. Valsala P L, AsP in Mathematics

Magazine Committee                                            Mrs. Asha G Nath, AP in Mathematics

Counselling Cell                                                   Mrs. Moni P John, AsP in Chemistry

ECO Club                                                            Mr. Ajoy Thomas, AP in CS


Student Chapters/Associations                         Staffincharge

Alumni                                                                Mr. Raj Kumar T, AP in CS

IEEE                                                                   Mrs. Raji A, AP in EC

ISRA                                                                  Mr. Raj Kumar T, AP in CS


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