M.Tech in Elecronics and Communication Engineering
 (Signal Processing)


Signal processing is an area of engineering and applied mathematics that deals with operations on or analysis of signals, representing time-varying or spatially varying physical quantities. The aim of this PG programme is to provide the students a profound understanding of the mathematical, theoretical, practical and application phases of signal processing area. The curriculum consists of topics related to the signal processing domain including fundamental and advanced topics in signal processing, digital signal processors, signal processing applications in communication, image processing, biomedical signal processing, speech and audio processing etc. There will be theory and laboratory courses in the above topics during first and second semesters. Students have to do a research oriented project work in their third and fourth semesters, aiming to build up new and efficient signal processing techniques for communication, image, video, biomedical, speech and audio processing applications.


Course Papers

1. Fundamentals of Spectral estimation

2. Advanced Digital System Design

3. Digital Communication

4. Adaptive signal processing

5. VLSI architectures for DSP

6. Digital Image Processing

7. Electives ( 4 electives from the following papers):

Multidimensional Signal Processing, Biomedical Signal Processing, Multirate Signal Processing, Digital Signal processors, Digital Control systems, Array signal processing, Signal Compression Techniques, Wavelet Transforms - Theory and Applications, Artificial Neural Networks, Advanced Microprocessor Architectures, Speech Processing.


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