College Senate

      The Senate is the highest student body of the college. Every class has three representatives in the Senate. The Senate Executive members are chosen by election. The term of a Senate member is generally one academic year. The Senate plays a key role in running the college by organizing various activities and events.

      The main objectives of the senate are to enlighten the students about their duties, responsibilities and rights of citizenship, to promote opportunities for development of their character, leadership quality, knowledge and spirit of service, to organize debates, seminars, workshops, tours etc. and to encourage sports, arts and other cultural, educational, social or recreational activities.

Office bearers of the Senate(2017-18) :-

 Staff Advisor             Mr. Murali V S, AsP in Physics
 Chairman                      Mr. Sebin Thomas, S8EEE
 Vice Chairperson        Ms. Aksa Susan, S8ECE
 General Secretary   Mr. Vishnu Bhaskar, S8CSE
 Joint Secretary   Ms. Tissy Skaria, S6ECE
 Arts Secretary   Mr. Adarsh S B, S6EEE
 Sports Secretary   Mr. Melvin Mammen P, S6CSE
 Magazine Editor   Mr. Aiwan Sunny, S4ECE
 Treasurer   Mr. Joel V Jose, S8CSE


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