Parent Teacher Association

It is with immense pleasure to announce the fact that a Parent Teacher Association(PTA) has been formed at College of Engineering Kallooppara with the following objectives

1.       To work for the welfare of students, teachers and for the development of the institution

2.       To foster and promote good relationship among the members of the teaching staff, student and parent/guardians of the students

3.       To assist students coming from Socially and Economically backward group financially or otherwise to complete Engineering education successfully

4.       To promote the activities of the Training and Placement Cell and to conduct Seminars and Technical/Training programmes for the students to achieve technology oriented skills/jobs.

5.       To institute scholarships, prizes, medals, endowments etc to benefit students showing a high proficiency in their studies and co- curricular activities.


Office Bearers of Parent Teacher Association(2023-2024)


Dr Nisha Kuruvilla, Principal



Mr. Ajith Prasad M

Ph.No. 6282410470


Mr. Raj Kumar T

Ph.No. 9447402630


Mr. Santhosh Kumar P

Ph.No. 9496186823



Mr. Anil Mathew 

Mr. R.Suresh Kumar

Mrs. Shylu Saji

Mrs. Shini K Pillai

Mrs. Mariamma Joseph

Mrs. Jury Mary Raju


Dr. Renu George, Asst. Prof. in CSE

Dr. Philip Cherian, Associate Prof. in ECE

Dr. Ashok Kumar T V, Prof. in ME

Mr. Jaison James, Asst. Prof. in EE

Mrs. Asha G Nath C, Asst. Prof. in Mathematics

Mr. Sajeesh P T K, Asst.Prof. in ECE

Mr. Prasannakumaran K S, Asst.Prof. in CSE


Mr .Jayakrishnan R